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Flying Diamond Airpark Property For Sale

Hi, my name is Kim Anderson and I am a realtor in Green Valley. This Airpark property is located 25 miles southwest of Tucson, Arizona and set on 439 acres. All lots are a minimum 4.1 acres. We are a PRIVATE RESIDENTIAL AIRPARK. The runway is for the use of residents and their guests. Our large lots afford us a rural lifestyle, including horses. Wildlife is abundant, with frequent sightings of Deer, Javelina, Bobcats and Hawks to name a few.

Property Listings

Beautiful 4.12 acre lot for sale. Asking $27,500.00.

Contact info:
Matt Bristol
Phone: 520-548-7948

Check out these 6 beautiful land lots that just came on the market in the Flying Diamond Airpark.

1. MLS #21604118 Tax Code #303-21-1890     View
2. MLS #21604107 Tax Code #303-21-085D     View
3. MLS #21604110 Tax Code #303-21-077E     View
4. MLS #21604101 Tax Code #303-21-085A     View
5. MLS #21604104 Tax Code #303-21-085B     View
6. MLS #21604102 Tax Code #303-21-085C     View
Contact info:
Kim Anderson
Phone: 520-336-7799